Eliminates ethical constraints


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Introducing the tiny-TIM

The only device that can accurately mimic the dynamic conditions of the digestive system

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Triskelion, an innovative Dutch contract research organization that developed tiny-TIM to study the availability for absorption of oral (pharmaceutical) compounds. The tiny-TIM is an in vitro system that models the gastrointestinal tract in adults, children, and animals.

Product features

Gastrointestinal module

Compartments in the GI module simulate the shape and motility of the stomach and small intestine. A computerized peristaltic pump transports gastric content into the small intestinal compartment.

Dispensing module

Compartments in the dispensing module pump secretion fluids into the GI compartments & fresh filtration/dialysis fluids through the membrane units. A syringe pump dispenses fluids with high accuracy.

Sampling module

In this module, sampling bottles collect filtrate or dialysis fluid from the small intestinal compartment. A controlled, FMI pump fills the bottles with pa re-determined weight of sample. Different holders allow for various number of bottles and sampling sizes.


The tiny-TIM can be used to satisfy both pharmaceutical and nutritional applications, including bio-equivalence studies, drug-to-drug and drug-to-nutrient interactions, digestibility of single ingredients or complex meals, and more.

  • Eliminates ethical constraints
  • Includes settings for adults, children, and animals
  • Modular, bench-top system
  • Increased reproducibility versus in vivo studies
  • Verified in more than 230 peer-reviewed publications
  • Fast and cost-efficient way to conduct research

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