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Maximize sample volume

With Micronic's 0.75ml tubes


Using externally threaded storage tubes eliminates the possibility of the sample coming into contact with the screw thread, minimizing chance of cross-contamination while improving sample integrity. These sample tubes can also hold a higher (net) volume of material while occupying the same amount of storage space, maximizing storage volume.

The 0.75ml tubes have a triple start thread that gives an excellent seal for longterm sample preservation and storage. Due to thick tube walls, the tube has a sturdy design and excellent properties for ultra-low temperature storage. The code surface features a raised edge, which protects the 2D code against accidental scratches, ensuring absolute traceability.

Product features

Optimal sealing

The external thread improves sample safety (cross-contamination is minimized) while maximizing storage volume.


The 0.75ml tubes are standard available non-coded or with 2D Data-Matrix codes, the racks are 1D barcoded, and the codes are permanently laser-etched.

Unique molding technique

The black code surface cannot be separated from the transparent tube due to the patented 2K injection molding technique.


Resistant against chemical solvents, the tubes are produced in a class 7 clean room and are RNase/DNase and Pyrogen free.

  • Material Highest purity PP
  • Temperature range Vapor phase LN2 to +100°C
  • Working volume w/ V-bottom 0.60ml
  • Tube height in rack 31.0mm (without cover)
  • Minimized cross contamination
  • RNase/DNase and Pyrogen free

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"Chez NBS Scientific, j'ai obtenu des réponses rapides et fiables aux questions et aux rendez-vous. Tous les conseils et toute l'attention ont été prodigués avec compétence. Nous sommes heureux de travailler ensemble depuis plus de 2 ans maintenant."

"NBS Scientific est un excellent partenaire avec des employés agréable. Il est rès agréable de travailler avec les employés de NBS Scientific que nous considérons comme un excellent partenaire."

Charles River Laboratories

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