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We look beyond existing frameworks

Why NBS Scientific

We deliver the resources you need to discover new insights in the lab

Insights that could change the landscape of public health, wellness, and safety around the globe. When you’re equipped with our innovative sample collection, sample storage, sample tracking, liquid handling, and lab automation products, you can improve and optimize your laboratory workflow to achieve consistently accurate research results more efficiently.

Beyond our physical resources, we also strive to help you identify and solve everyday challenges in the lab. By taking the time to learn more about your workflow, budget, and specific research application, we work hard to match you with the laboratory solutions that best meet your research needs.

When you choose to work with NBS Scientific—a global network of companies with over 20 years of experience in the life science industry—you’re choosing a trusted partner that understands the scope and significance of your research. That’s why we’re committed to stocking your lab with the highest quality products and providing you with the best possible service.

Whether you’re part of a startup searching for its first case of tubes or a well-established lab looking for alternative sample storage, liquid handling, or automation products, we’re here to help.


NBS Scientific strives to deliver innovative, high-quality laboratory products and services. Our team creatively finds the most appropriate solutions for your research lab. We move at a fast pace to keep up with the demands – and exceed the expectations – of our dynamic customer base.


We aspire to improve the welfare and health of humans and animals by offering complete solutions for biobanks, research centers and other laboratories in the Life Science industry, with a focus on biostorage.


Our Corporate Social Responsibility Program reflects our commitment to a better world. Under this Program, we promote sustainability, contribute to local and international charities promoting health and human rights and pursue ethical relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees.

Our program reflects our commitment to a better world. At the core business of NBS Scientific, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plays an important role. Our CSR program focusses on three fundamental elements: the well-being of our employees (People), sustainability (Planet) and social commitment (Profit). We pursue ethical relationships with our employees, customers and suppliers, participate in efforts that promote a better, more sustainable world and contribute to local and national organizations that advocate for the health and welfare of animals and human beings. Listed below are the initiatives we’ve implemented in our company. This is also outlined in our quality management system that is certified to ISO 9001-2015.

People – Well-being of our employees
This is what we do to help our employees to stay healthy and motivated.

  • Make sure employees use their vacation days to keep an optimum
    work-life balance
  • Regular activities to keep up the team spirit
  • Create an open and informal atmosphere to stimulate new ideas
  • Offer trainings and courses to develop talents further

Planet – Sustainability
This is what we do for a better, more sustainable world.

  • NBS Scientific is CO2 neutral. We strive to reduce our CO2 output every year and compensate the current output by planting trees.
  • Keep sustainability in our mind with every decision that we make
  • Work with suppliers that have the same focus on sustainability
  • Offer products to customers that promote sustainability (e.g. refills)
  • The office runs completely on green energy
  • Reduce energy usage by adapting the office light plan
  • Focus on digital communication instead of print (if so, recycled paper
    is used)
  • Our sales managers drive cars with low CO2 emission (A-label)

Profit – Social commitment
This is how we are socially involved.

  • Supporting the Muziekids Foundation, which is dedicated to uplifting sick children through music
  • Offer work placements to students as part of their studies

The values we stand for


We are constantly exploring new markets and trends to supply you with the most innovative products in the industry.


When customers ask us questions, we think beyond existing frameworks to help them solve unique problems in the lab.


We provide high-quality products and services that are produced and carried out under the strictest quality standards.


Our corporate social responsibility program emphasizes sustainability and contributions to local and international charities.

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