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Heat Sealers

For sealing microplates


Nowadays there are increasingly intuitive ways to seal deepwell plates or microplates. Of course, this is possible with special foils, which come in countless sizes and varieties, but nowadays it is also possible to place a film over the plates using a heat sealer (microplate sealer). This is done by means of a special device that uses heat to stick the film firmly onto the plates.

With a compact and ergonomic design, intended to prevent RSI complaints, a heat sealer is able to drastically accelerate your work process. We offer two variants of the microplate sealer, both from the Vitl brand. With the Vitl MicroTS Microplate Heat Sealer the temperature is fixed, while with the Vitl VTS Variable Temperature Sealer you can adjust the temperature in 1 degree steps in the range of 125 to 200 °C. Both heat sealers heat up quickly to operating temperature, and provide a one-time, even seal.


Naturally, we also offer various types of Vitl Heat Sealing Foils for different types of plates. Each foil has its own color code and is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as microplates from polypropylene and polyethylene, for water thermal cyclers, for high temperatures, low temperatures and PCR. In addition, the foils are suitable for long-term sample storage, are piercable and they are solvent resistant. The dimensions of the foils are 125 by 80 mm. Afterwards, a seal can be easily pulled off, which underlines its great ease of use.

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