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Sample Storage Racks

In 96-, 48- and 24-well standard ANSI/SLAS format


After you have taken your sample, and placed it in sample storage tubes, then the next step is to organize the tubes in racks. Today’s racks are highly advanced, and offer you unparalleled ease of use. Naturally, the racks are made of the purest materials, and are all free of DNase, RNase and pyrogens.

For all your purposes and sample storage, we offer a variety of rack types, in 244896138 or 384 well rack sizes. Many of our test tube racks are suitable for a very wide temperature range (-190 to +100) and are made of the clearest material. If you would like to purchase a sample storage rack, feel free to look around this page. We deem it likely that you will find what you need among the racks.


All sample storage racks are equipped with read-out codes, making them suitable for automated systems. In addition, and very topical in these times, we offer PCR plates, which are autoclavable and very transparent. These are available in 96 well rack and 384 well rack format. In addition, you can also find special CAPP Expell Cryoboxes, in which tubes can be stored in a more efficient way (10 x 10) than in standard racks (9 x 9), due to the absence of edges. These Cryoboxes are also provided with a numerical code, which will enable you to have a complete overview of all your samples.


The ULT 96 well rack from Micronic deserves special mention. This size and type of sample storage rack is very popular, and this particular variant of Micronic is of very good quality. Micronic is a unique Dutch company that has years of experience in producing racks and tubes, making this a guaranteed good purchase. ULT stands for Ultra-Low-Temperature, making this rack suitable for very low temperatures. The racks are based on the worldwide known ANSI/SLAS standards, and possess a 1D code on the side, or a 2D code on the bottom of the rack. Of course, this rack is fully compatible with many automation systems.


There is another rack that deserves mention, and that is the Micronic 138-2 HD rack, with a honeycomb design, which can store 43% more samples compared to conventional racks. This sample storage rack is also compatible with most robotic systems. Save time and money with this innovative rack. Discover all our racks on this page.

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