Our new brand DISPENDIX: innovative liquid handling
Sample Analysis

Tools for analyzing your samples efficiently


A very common form of sample analysis is performed using deepwell or microwell plates. Besides that, magnetic platesround wells and square wells are often used. NBS Scientific can provide you with all these tools. The products of our partners meet the highest demands for quality and innovation: so you can discover the best insights in the lab.

All plates are suitable for cleaning, mixing or centrifuging samples, and for storage, preparation or analysis of substances. Furthermore, all wells and plates have high resistance to various chemicals and damaging substances.


We offer you, what is very topical in these times, an extensive range of consumables for (q)PCR applications. This includes PCR plates, PCR robotic tips, magnetic plates, PCR tube strips, and of course PCR tubes. All products are of the highest possible quality for the best possible sample analysis. We also have a variable temperature sealer for sealing microplates, and a peristaltic pump for dispensing culture media, buffers and other solutions.


From a company like NBS Scientific, which values innovativeness, you would expect such a product: the VITL Lu-mini luminometer, for measuring biological and chemical luminescence reactions. This device is compatible with 10-15 mm round tubes/vials, and 10 mm square cuvettes. Furthermore, the Lu-mini features a fast readout time, with optional integration stage. Laboratory friendliness was an important aspect in the development of this device, hence good USB connectivity is available with an included PC App, and storage capacity for up to 1000 test results via the intuitive touchscreen.