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FAQ: Laser Markers

Once the user places each rack into the Lambda576, a gripper arm selects a tube and carries it to the camera. The camera detects the laser-friendly part of the tube, and then the gripper arm positions the tube in front of the laser. The laser etches a permanent marking onto the tube, and then the gripper arm returns it to its original position in the rack. The gripper arm picks up the next tube and repeats this process for every tube in the unit.

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Since the Lambda576 "burns" into the plastic of each tube, the air must be extracted and cleaned during operation.

The software included with the Lambda576 is comprehensive and has the option to connect/refer to other programs and/or lists (e.g. Excel).

The Lambda576 only laser-etches the tube surface, so there’s no risk to the sample within the tube.

Tubes must have at least one opaque wall to be compatible with the Lambda576.

The Lambda576 can laser etch various markings, including: 2D codes, 1D barcodes, logos, text, or sample IDs.