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FAQ: Our webshop

After creating your account, it may take a few days before you can use it. Our colleagues will validate your data and then send you an e-mail with the login details. Have you been waiting longer than 3 days? Then contact us!

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Only people who have their business located in Belgium are allowed to create an account on the Belgian website.

You can't see the webshop prices because you need an account in order to see our prices. You may also try and request a quote.

Everyone can create a webshop account via https://nbsscientific.be/create-an-account/. With a webshop account, you are able to order products, see prices and many more advantages. Create your free webshop account now! Please note: Your webshop account will take a couple of days to set up and once it is ready, you will receive your login details via email.

There are several ways how to place an order. An order can be placed by sending your order to info@nbsscientific.be. You can also contact our colleagues by phone at +31 (0)36 549 1010. You can also create an account on our website and place an order online.

Typically, we need as much information as possible to process an order. We need information about the company you work for: First Name Last Name Job Title Company name VAT number Invoice and delivery address Email address for order confirmations Email address for invoices. We also need a reference or order number.