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Basque Frozen Tissue Xtractor

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The ultimate handheld tissue extractor

Which helps to preserve sample quality and streamlines sample processing

Do you wish to prevent tissue sample quality and integrity loss by having to thaw your samples to take out small aliquots? With the Tissue Xtractor by Basque, you will be able to take out small aliquots of frozen samples, all done manually. The manual factor of the Frozen Tissue Xtractor leaves you in control and provides workflow options to even the smallest of labs. The kits have 6 bags of nuclease-free coring probes, which allows you to preserve frozen tissue without any form of contamination.

The Frozen Tissue Xtractor can core a wide variety of frozen tissue samples. Next to being a very versatile tool, it is also highly accurate and is capable of extracting volumes of up to 40 milligrams.

There are two kits available, Kit A includes the Hand-held tissue Xtractor, a metal tissue tray holder, a probe cooling nest, a dry ice bucket and 6 bags of nuclease-free coring probes. It also includes a cryostate adapter with plastic tissue trays. Kit A lays its focus on those who wish to take cores but also want to do their histology slides.

Kit B includes all of Kit A, except for the cryostate adapter and the plastic tissue trays. Making Kit B a more basic kit, which is more focused on taking aliquots by itself.

Product features

Handheld Device

The Frozen Tissue Xtractor is a handheld device, which allows for easy operations and making it ideal for providing workflow options for smaller labs

Preserves Quality

Due to the elimination of having to thaw you tissue sample, it preserves the sample quality and integrity


Has the ability to core a wide variety of tissue samples


Extracts out small volume aliquots up to 40 mgs for downstream analysis

  • Thawing Required None
  • Maximum Volume 40 mgs
  • Additional Probes Sold seperatly
  • Available Kits A & B

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