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CAPP Expell Cryoboxes

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Save up to 23% Storage Space

With the CAPP EXPell Cryoboxes

CAPP’s Expell cryoboxes are made from highly durable polypropylene and are suitable for both freezing at -90°C and autoclaving at +121°C for 20 minutes. Expell cryoboxes are universally compatible with many other brands of cryotubes. However, when used along with the Expell cryotubes, they provide further space-saving advantages.

Normally, external thread cryotubes are stored in boxes with 9×9 dividers, as the construction of the external thread adds an edge to the lid. The streamlined design of Expell cryotubes eliminates the edges, making them perfectly suitable for storage in boxes with 10×10 dividers. This ultimately increases storage space by up to 23% compared to standard storage in 9×9 boxes.

Expell Cryoboxes have a numerical coding on both the lid and the bottom of each box. The edges of each box are slanted to ensure proper lid positioning and eliminate any potential encoding failures. Finally, the star-foot lock at the bottom of each box allows for easy one-handed tube opening without taking the tube out of the box.

Product features

Easy Sample Identification

The Expell cryoboxes make identifying samples quick and easy with numerical coding on both the lid and bottom of each box.

Star-foot Lock

Because of the star-foot lock at the bottom of each box well, users can open tubes without removing them from the box.

Slanted Edges

The Expell cryoboxes have slanted edges to make handling and identification easier.

High-quality Polypropylene

The Expell cryoboxes are manufactured from a high-quality polypropylene that can be used for sample storage at -90°C and autoclaving at +121°C for 20 minutes.

  • Material High-quality polypropylene
  • Available sizes for: 0.50ml, 1.00ml, 2.00ml, 4.00ml, 5.00ml cryotubes
  • Cryobox sizes available 9x9 and 10x10
  • Temperature range -90°C to +121°C

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