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Push Cap Decapper CP620

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Quickly and easily decap push cap tubes!

An electric, user-friendly way to decap 96 push cap tubes in less than 15 seconds

The Push Cap Decapper CP620 helps satisfy the need for higher sample throughput by offering a quick and easy way to decap multiple sample storage tubes at once. The internal cap grippers are developed to minimize cross-contamination. While the rack in the sleigh is moving backwards, the grippers move down slightly into the cap to smoothly and safely remove it. With a user-friendly interface, the operator can choose which rack they’d like to decap without using different adapters.

Accelerate your workflow

With the Micronic CP620 Decapper

The Micronic CP620 automatic decapper can become your companion in the laboratory. It is designed to drastically speed up your work process, as well as significantly reduce the strain on your hands. In addition, the automatic, safe process ensures that cross-contamination is minimized in a way that only a machine can. This decapper can function stand-alone, however, it can also be fully integrated into your automated/robotic environment. There it will be perfectly at home.

Understandable and usable by everyone

Benefit from the user-friendliness of this device

Micronic designed the CP620 with maximum user-friendliness in mind. It features for instance an intuitive touchscreen, which allows you to easily set the rack and tubes you are using. After this, the process proceeds smoothly and quickly. There is no need to use clumsy adapters, as the CP620 is compatible with all Micronic 96-size tubes (up to 1.40ml) as well as tubes and caps from other brands.

Fits in every laboratory

With its handy size

Measuring only 53 x 26 x 37 cm and weighing 25 kg, this decapper fits on any laboratory benchtop. Combine the CP620 with the Micronic CP600 automatic capper for the ultimate combination to cap and decap 96 wells of push cap racks. With a turnaround time of 7 + 8 = 15 seconds, that’s about the time it takes you to have 192 tubes capped and decapped. Take advantage of the benefits of the CP620 decapper today.

Product features


The CP620 is compatible with all Micronic 96-format tubes (up to 1.40ml) and racks as well as tubes and caps from other brands.


The CP620 can operate as a stand-alone unit or in a fully automated environment.


The CP620 has a compact and robust design that allows users to easily select tube size.

Consistent capping result

With remote control runs via a serial connector (DB9), the CP620 provides potential-free contacts, meaning it can be integrated into an automated system.

  • Rack compatibility ANSI / SLAS standard 96-format racks
  • Cycle time About 10-15 seconds
  • Size 53x26x37cm
  • Weight 25kg
  • Voltage 115 - 230 V

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