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Labware Performance at -196°C

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The performance of labware during storage at cryogenic temperatures is very important when maintaining the quality of samples. Storing samples at low temperatures is associated with the extended viability of the preserved samples. While many samples are stored in mechanical freezers at -80°C, it is important to note that at this temperature metabolic activity has not ceased, it has only slowed down. By reducing sample temperatures to below the glass transition phase of water (-132°C), all metabolic activity comes to a halt.

Micronic often conducts research on the stability of its products in low, ultra-low and cryogenic temperatures. Storing aqueous solutions, such as culture media, reagents or buffers, below 0°C causes solutions to expand, increasing pressure on the tube walls. If the pressure becomes too high, stress fractures in the tube wall can occur resulting in sample loss. This only interferes with study and can pose a health and safety risk for those involved.

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