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Plate Washers

For small scale work


Using mircoplates (non-disposable ones) means cleaning them from time to time. We know that lab workers are looking in this case for a solution that does not break the bank, but that is effective and as a bonus rather compact.

This CAPPWash ELISA Plate Washer ticks all the boxes. It is very affordable, compact and suitable for 8, 12 or 16 channels. The washer makes use of a vacuum source, which is provided alongside. With us, you can purchase any component of the plate washer separately, depending on your situation in the lab. This plate washer is the ideal tool for small scale and reliable washing of plates.


This CAPP microplate washer features a 2 in 1 tube design, which prevents the individual channels from clogging, where the manual cleaning process allows for a more thorough cleansing in comparison to automatic washing machines. Simply hold the manifold toward the plate and press the button to release the washing fluid. Release the button to suck up the liquid, which will be instantly transported to the waste bottle.

Its small scale and small price make the CAPPWash Plate Washer an ideal choice for most laboratories. The vacuum pump is suitable for both a 115V and 230V power source. Benefit from this innovative piece of laboratory equipment today.


If are thinking to place an order on this device, then do not hesitate to do so. We are quite sure you will not be disappointed by the purchase.


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